Life Watch USA: A Name to Trust for Medical Alarm Systems

Life Watch USA – Evan Sirlin

Life Watch USA is a leading provider of medical alarm systems serving the whole of USA. We are a personal second generation family-owned business. We are into this business for about three decades. The company was stared in the year 1980 by the father of the president of the company Evan Sirlin.

What to Expect?

* We deliver top-notch quality products for the benefit of the senior citizens who live alone.

* We are a client-centric company and customer satisfaction is our only motto. We go to any length to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied.

* We are the first company to manufacture superior quality of speaker pendants.

* Our care specialists at Life Watch USA are EMT certified and exceed the highest standard for monitoring. Our Emergency Medical Technicians have the expertise and years of experience to handle emergency situations effectively.

* We are known to be the first company with EMT-certified monitoring station that delivers services round the clock.

* We are the first company to introduce the GPS medical alarm system that makes use of the technology of the cellular phone with GPS to deliver emergency help to the senior citizens who want to avail our services with just a click of a button. The advantage of this system is that senior citizens requiring help have the liberty to call from anywhere and anytime. The emergency button connects the individual with the emergency centre by making use of the Two-Way Voice Technology. The specialist from the care centre then speaks to the user and detects the location of the caller and dispatch emergency help. Our specialists even relay the information of the caller to his family members.

* We are the first company to offer the services with the help of VOIP telephones. VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology makes communication, over the internet possible. This is easy to operate, inexpensive and the users have the advantage of making free calls no matter the distance. By using this system, the users have to pay only for the landline phone services.

* We have brought into the market the first medical alarm system with smoke and carbon dioxide detection. Once the equipment detects carbon dioxide the alarm sounds and users can inform our call centre for help immediately.

* We make use of Personal Health Records for our customers for their benefit. They can get access to a huge variety of credible information related to health. Patients can make use of that information to improve their health and manage diseases.

* We are the first company to make use of the medical alert lock box. With the help of this equipment, emergency medical technicians can get inside the house of emergency help seeker without breaking open door or window.

* We even offer top-grade quality speakers that emit superior sound quality.

* Our medical alarm system is available with battery backup of five days and covers a wide range of 1500 ft.

Thus Life Watch USA is the ultimate answer for medical alarm systems in the United States of America.

Evan Sirlin – Profile


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