LIFEWATCH USA – Helping People towards Better Life

Everyone desire to live in a secure and independent home without being a burden to others. Coming to the life of senior citizens they need help in respect to deteriorating health in advanced age. Medical alert devices are giving the independence to seniors to live in the comfort of their own home and their children a piece of mind knowing that help is within reach in case of emergencies. Evan Sirlin is the second generation president running LIFEWATCH USA, a firm catering the needs of elderly with medical alert devices. With over 21 years of experience, LIFEWATCH is leading in the sales of medical alert devices and empowering seniors with a will to live on their own.

Mechanics of medical alert system:

•It requires a landline or mobile basically to set up the alert system.

•A portable device with a push button is given to the user to raise alarm in case of need.

•It can be worn around neck or wrist.

•On raising alarm, the call is connected to care center that in turn sends emergency medical help to the user.

•Fall detector devices are also available for users who are prone to seizures and cannot press the help button.

•Care center intimates friends and family immediately for support or assistance.

The LIFEWATCH USA markets three kinds of medical alert devices based on user’s preference. An In-home system, e-responder mobile button, and a SmartGo personal security device are the products reining the market now. The In-home system needs a traditional landline phone and it covers 1500 ft radius. E-responder and SmartGo work with a mobile phone and are convenient for users who prefer to go out on daily basis. With a GPS tracking functionality the user can contact for help outside his/her residence.

This compact and light- weight device is easy to carry around in a pocket or can be worn around neck or wrist. Most incidents and slips happen in bathrooms; hence the devices are made waterproof and can be worn around in showers or pools. Just with a press of the button, the device sends alert to customer care center. They provide instructions and assistance to the user and send medical help right away. Apart from medical help, fire accidents, intruder alert and falls can be reported via these systems and call for help. Technologically advanced systems come with a 5-day battery backup and a two-way voice call.

With constant supervision and medical care at the finger tip, elderly can now live comfortably and stress-free in the luxury of their own house without the need of assisted help or old age homes. All of their products and monitoring centers of LIFEWATCH are certified and can be used anywhere in the USA. Their medical alert devices and pendants keep people safe at affordable prices. Evan Sirlin is carrying this family business with high standards and quality products. They run with a motto to save lives.

Ref: Evan Sirlin Profile


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