Evan Sirlin – Lifewatch Medical ALARMS

President of Lifewatch Medical Alert System, Lifewatch Medical ALARMS, Lifewatch USA, Lifewatch Inc. Medical alarm company and senior home safety in business since 1980. Creator of the first cellular medical alarm with GPS for protection away from home. Creator of the first medical alert lock box. http://www.medilok.com. Developed the 911helpnow product.


Other ventures include marketing and advertising consulting, DRTV performance based projects, International expansion of Lifewatch and Medilok. Google advertising specialist. PR experience. Senior Healthcare industry expert.Personal Safety for all ages. Also identity theft protection and recovery for seniors. Lone Worker safety and protection. Campus Security protection. Active shooter protection for teachers and students.

*Interested in getting more involved with Telemedicine and Telehealth future products for seniors and disabled persons.

*Always looking for School programs to help with the Lifewatch and Copsync Beacon.

*Always open to helping and networking in advertising, marketing and healthcare industries. Open to international expansion opportunity.

*Lead developers, affiliates, marketers and performance based advertisers are welcome to contact me anytime. Pay per call and per sale direct to consumer.

Specialties: Senior home care and healthcare industry expert. Identity theft. Teledoc. Google advertising,TV,Print, and radio advertising expert. Product development and distribution specialist.


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