Evan Sirlin: The Pioneer of Medical Alarm Systems

LifeWatch USA was founded in the year 1980 by the present president, Evan Sirlin’s father. This company has offered some of the top-notch quality medical alarm systems. The immense success of this company is due to the dedication, expertise and hard work of Evan Sirlin.

All along his career, the main goal of Evan Sirlin has been to offer help to the senior citizens during an emergency. In future, he wishes to introduce more Telehealth products and take telemedicine to a completely new level. He has used his years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to launch products like Medilok, e-transponder or SmartGo devices to the market.


LifeWatch USA is the first company to launch the GPS-enabled medical alarm system. The products of this company, such as the e-transponder or SmartGo make use of the “Two-Way Voice Technology.” With the help of this technology, users can contact the emergency help center. It is the first company to make use of the Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology. With the help of this VOPI Technology, the users can make any number of free calls from anywhere. You only need to pay for the landline services. VOPI Technology proves to be cost-effective and beneficial.

Sirlin is actively involved in business networking, marketing and sales of his business. He takes tremendous efforts to market his products through the television and radio channels. He is actively involved in the National Care Planning Council. He exhibits his technical prowess in marketing and consulting for healthcare products. He volunteers for school programs and student centers and enlightens them of programs related to campus protection.

He is keen to expand his company and take it to the international level. He has the deftness in team-building, strategic planning, advertising, direct marketing, and networking. He has made a huge effort to collaborate with the COPsync Beacon in order to promote the COPsync 911 alert system. He has also contributed to the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), which is a personal security program designed for the safety of teachers and students during school shootings.

With the earnest effort and interest of Sirlin, many of the healthcare devices of LifeWatch USA are available with 911 help services. He also supports the development and improvement of communicator emergency pendants. He wishes to offer cutting-edge healthcare products in the near future.

For more detail Visit @Evan Sirlin


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