Life Watch USA – You Are Never Alone


The present market is storming up with medical alert systems from different companies. Life Watch USA is an American company which is involved in the marketing of medical alert systems since 1980. Evan Sirlin is the CEO of the company which is a family business started by his father. The medical alert systems work all around the nation with excellent customer services as a medical alert system is only as good as its care services offered. Life Watch USA has served several thousands of old people all over the USA by building trust among its users for its high-quality services and devices.

Experience the best

Life Watch offers different kinds of devices for its users based on the activity levels. For those who are inactive and lightly active, they propose the use of in-home systems which needs a line phone. The signals extend up to 1500 ft range outside the house. For the active users, Life Watch offers 2 kinds of devices. They have inbuilt GPS to track the location of users in case of emergencies. All the devices are given a charging dock and battery lasts up to 5 days.

Highlights of the medical alarm units

The devices are affordable and easy to use. Since the marketing is targeted at old people and patients, all units are compact in size, easy to carry around and even worn around wrist or neck. The best feature of these medical alert systems is that they are waterproof. The user need not remove the unit during the bath.


In a case of fall or heart strokes, seizures, burglary, and fire alarms just press the help button by which you are instantly connected to a customer care desk where an actual person sends for medical help and stays in touch with you till the help reaches your home. So with a Life Watch medical alarm system, you are never really alone if you opt to stay single at your house without an assisted helper.

Expert staff

With trained medical professional and sound tech support, all the users of Life Watch USA are cared for and supported in times of emergency. The 2-way voice over calls are really helpful and keep the user panic free and intimates the registered kin while sending for medical help. Users can sleep at peace with the company’s 24/7 support acting similar to a personalized caretaker. The medical alert units are very affordable that they cost as low as 1$ per day. The services are only available for the residents of USA.

In case you move to a different city within the USA, update your general information and location to continue the services of the alert systems. Evan Sirlin of Life Watch USA has dedicated his professional life to Medical alarm systems and has invented a medical alarm box which can be used with these alarm units. These medical alarm systems ensure the safety of your loved ones by sending medical help at the right time.


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