Evan Sirlin: An Icon in the World of Telehealth Products


Evan Sirlin is the president of the esteemed company, LifeWatch USA that sells medical alarms and other home safety devices. The company started operating from 1980 onwards and is known to be the pioneer for manufacturing the first medical cellular alarm along with the GPS system for the protection of a house. The alert medical lockbox and the 911 help now products are the other devices this company offers.

Evan Sirlin looks after the marketing division of LifeWatch USA. He has undertaken various projects based on DRTV performance. He has contributed immensely to the expansion of the LifeWatch Company. He has technical expertise in advertising and tremendous experience in public relation. He is regarded as a senior healthcare expert. LifeWatch USA has offered a wide range of personal safety devices for the benefit of the senior citizens. The company even offers devices for campus protection, lone worker protection, and safety as well as devices for the protection of active shooters.

LifeWatch offers three kinds of medical alert alarms. All of these alarms require a traditional landline or mobile phone to initiate their operation. These alarm systems are very handy for those senior citizens who live alone. In the case of accidents the user just needs to press a button to send a signal to the care center for help.

Evan is interested in introducing more innovative Telehealth and Telemedicine products for the disabled and senior citizens. He is keen to expand his company further and has appreciable technical finesse in business networking, advertising, and marketing.

All his products are designed to help the senior citizens during an emergency. The futuristic alarms of LifeWatch have been able to save innumerable lives In USA. The company has been operating for more than three and a half decades. Sirlin after taking over the business from his father has contributed immensely for the sales and marketing aspect of the business.

One of his greatest contributions has been the manufacture of Medilok, which is a medical, emergency lock-box, equipped with the medical alarm. He supports the development of the communicator emergency pendants. He spends a lot of effort and time to advertise through television and radio and look after his brand. His hard work and sincerity have boosted the sales of the company, LifeWatch USA.


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