Evan Sirlin: Takes Healthcare Products to a Whole New level

LifeWatch USA has emerged as a leader in providing medical alert systems all over the USA and also abroad. It is a family-owned second generation business that has been operating for almost three decades. The company has been in operation since 1980 and at present is run by Evan Sirlin.


There is a host of factors that has contributed to the success of the company. First of all, it is a client-focused company and customer satisfaction is its prime goal. LifeWatch USA has a commendable team of EMT-certified specialists. Moreover, the Medical Emergency technicians of this company have the knowledge, competence, and experience to deftly handle any medical emergency.  It has a brilliant monitoring station that operates 24/7 and promptly delivers medical help anytime and anywhere in the USA.

The president of the company, Evan Sirlin has contributed appreciably to the growth and expansion of LifeWatch USA. He has the technical competence and experience to adeptly handle sales, marketing, and advertising. With effort, dedication and hard work, he has introduced a wide array of Telehealth products in the market. LifeWatch USA takes pride in claiming that it is the first company to introduce mobile medical alarm system with GPS tracking device for the benefit of the senior citizens.


Noteworthy Products and Services of LifeWatch USA:

E-Responder Mobile Unit: This device employs the Two-Way Voice Technology to connect the user with the center for medical help. From the monitoring station, the customer support service team detects the caller’s location after talking to the user and then dispatches the team of specialists for medical help.

This device is water-resistant, light-in-weight and can be worn as a necklace or belt and can be carried in the pocket or purse. It is available with a charger cable. It provides directions for driving and offers information on medical records.

Smart Go Device: LifeWatch USA is the first company to introduce the Cellular Phone Technology with the GPS feature for the benefit of the senior citizens living alone. This is a convenient and handy device that is water-resistant, detects fall and is available with Two-Way Voice Technology.

With the help of this device, users can promptly connect with the monitoring station for emergency help. It is also available with the fall detection or geofencing features. With this device, users can easily contact 911 for emergency help as well.

Medical Alert Lock-Box: With this device, the medical technicians of this company can get into the house of the users seeking medical help without breaking through the windows and doors.

VOIP Technology: It is the first company to make use of the “Voice Over Internet Protocol” Technology that helps in communication over the Internet. With the help of this technology, the users can make innumerable free calls from anywhere. It is a cost-effective technology where the users have to pay for the services related to the landline.

Medical Alarm System that Detects Smoke and Carbon-Dioxide: LifeWatch is the company to introduce this alarm system to its users. Once the device detects smoke or carbon dioxide, the alarm sets off and the users can call the medical help center of the company for emergency help.

LifeWatch USA is considered to be a forerunner in the healthcare industry for the superior quality healthcare products it has given to the people of USA.


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