LifeWAtch USA Garners Success Due to Launching of Futuristic Safety Devices


LifeWatch USA is a leading provider of medical alert systems in the USA and other countries as well. This Company is now operated by Evan Sirlin, who is the president of the Company LifeWatch USA. A multitude of factors has contributed to the success of LifeWatch USA. It has a proficient team of certified specialists and emergency technicians who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to adeptly manage the emergency cases. The Company has been in operation from 1980. It has a commendable station that runs around the clock to offer medical assistance and especially the senior citizens benefit a lot from this Company.

Being the president of the Company, Sirlin has contributed a lot to its success. He has the skill, knowledge and technical prowess to deftly handle the various divisions, such as sales, marketing, and advertising. With his expertise, he has brought into the market a comprehensive range of the ‘Telehealth products.’ LifeWatch USA has introduced devices in the market with futuristic technology. The medical mobile alert system equipped with GPS is a commendable contribution to the Company to the citizens of the USA.

The medical alarm system launched by this company detects carbon dioxide and smoke that set off the alarm so that the users can seek medical help from the professionals. Another useful device of this company is the ‘medical alert lockbox’ that helps medical technicians to get inside the house of the medical assistance seeker without breaking any doors or windows.

Some Noteworthy Contributions of LifeWatch USA:

* Cellular Phone Technology: For the convenience of the senior citizens LifeWatch USA launched the smart go device that is available with the new age Cellular Technology along with GPS feature for senior citizens who live alone. This is a water-resistant, light weighing and an easy-to-operate device that is equipped with the geofencing and fall detection features. This device helps users to connect promptly to the monitoring station or 911 to get emergency help.

* Two-Way Voice Technology: Many of devices launched by LifeWatch USA are equipped with the ‘Two-Way Voice Technology’ that connects users to the medical centers for help. Some of the devices with this technology are the e-responder mobile and smart-go device. The customer support team detects the location of the callers and then sends the medical team for emergency help. The e-responder is a cutting-edge device that can be carried in the purse, pocket and worn like a belt or necklace. It provides medical information, gives driving directions and provides medical information.

* VOIP Technology: LifeWatch USA is a pioneer in using the ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology.’ With this leading-edge technology, users can communicate over the Internet. It is an affordable technology where users pay the services associated with the landline.

LifeWatch USA is the pioneer for introducing top-grade quality healthcare products for the convenience of the users especially the senior citizens living all alone. Evan Sirlin has the aim to launch more innovative Telehealth products in the near future and take telemedicine and Telehealth to a completely new level.


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