Evan Sirlin: A Name Closely Related to Telehealth Products

evan sirlin - lifewatchusa

Evan Sirlin being the President of LifeWatch sells futuristic medical alert systems and various other healthcare devices all over the USA for the benefit of the senior citizens, especially those who are living all alone. Sirlin’s father founded LifeWatch USA in 1980. It has taken the concept of Telehealth to a new level with the cutting-edge technologies, such as Cellular Technology, Two-Way Voice Technology, and Voice over Internet Protocol Technology.

Lifewatch USA offers an array of products, that include cellular medical alarm with GPS features, 911 help-now item, and medical alert lock-box. E-transponder mobile unit, Smart-Go device, and innovative medical alarms are some of the best selling products of the Company. LifeWatch USA takes pride for being the first company to make use of the ‘Cellular Phone Technology.’

Evan Sirlin manages LifeWatch USA’s marketing division. Over the years, he has carried out a couple of projects based on the DRTV performance. His immense hard work has led to the expansion of the Company. He is experienced in the public relation and has the competence in advertising. Being a healthcare expert for the senior citizens, he has provided scores of healthcare products such as the safety devices for the convenience of the senior citizens living in the USA as well across the world. Apart from the personal safety products, LifeWatch USA provides devices that help in campus protection, worker protection and safety devices for the active shooter protection.

The Company offers three types of alert systems that need mobile phone or landline for operation. The devices of this company are of high quality and are easy-to-operate. Users can operate these devices with just a click. The innovative products of LifeWatch USA employ the latest technology, by means of which those seeking emergency help can easily contact the emergency monitoring station of the company.

Sirlin is keen on launching better and more advanced Telehealth products to the industry. Having adequate expertise in advertising, business networking, and marketing, Evan has the dream of expanding his Company further. After taking over LifeWatch USA from his father, Evan has contributed a lot to its growth and expansion. He has made use of the television and radio to market his brand effectively.



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