Evan Sirlin Have Contributed Immensely for the Growth of LifeWatch USA


LifeWatch USA markets innovative ‘medical alert systems’ ever since it has come into operation since 1980. It is a family operated business and Evan Sirlin’s father founded this company more than three decades ago. LifeWatch USA has built the trust among its customers with its unmatched quality products and proficient customer support team.

LifeWatch USA provides three types of devices for different users based on their level of activity. For the inactive users, the in-home systems are ideal. The range of the signal of these devices is about 1500 ft. For the active users, the devices are equipped with in-built GPS system to find the user’s location to manage emergencies. The devices are available with a battery and charging dock that lasts for 5 days.

LifeWatch USA is a customer-oriented company that sells top-grade quality products for the senior citizens and proves to be of much help for those senior citizens living alone. The motto of the company is customer satisfaction and the CEO of the company, Evan Sirlin along with his employees strives hard to attain that. The company takes pride in the fact that it is the first one to manufacture and sell top quality speaker pendants.

The EMT certified specialists of LifeWatch USA offer a high standard of care services. The medical technicians of this company have the experience and competence to manage the emergency situations deftly. It has a proficient monitoring station that works around the clock to offer emergency help whenever needed.

They are the first company to make use of the medical GPS alarm system that uses the GPS and the Cellular Phone Technology to offer help to the senior citizens. The devices of this company, such as smart-go, e-responder mobile, medical lockbox, alarm system etc, are user-friendly. The company also makes use of futuristic technologies, such as VOIP, Two-Way Voice and Cellular Phone Technologies for the convenience of the customers all over the USA.

With the help of the ‘Two-Way Voice Technology,’ the users can get in touch with the emergency center for help. The specialists of LifeWatch USA keep the members of the callers family informed. The VOIP Technology is inexpensive, user-friendly and helps the users to make free calls. With this system, users have to pay for the phone services associated with a landline.

The company uses ‘Personal Health Records’ for the benefit of their customers. They can gain access to a wide variety of health-related credible information. With the help of all these information, patients can handle diseases and improve their health. It is the first company to use the alert medical lockbox. The technicians of LifeWatch USA use this equipment to enter a house to offer medical help without breaking any doors or windows. The company has also launched its first alarm system that detects carbon dioxide and smoke.

Apart from offering superior healthcare products, Evan Sirlin, the CEO of LifeWatch USA ensures that the customers get prompt, caring, friendly and competent care services. He also ensures the personnel of the Company have the required certification and training to offer emergency help where needed.


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