Even Sirlin: A Well-Known Name in the World of Telehealth Products


Lifewatch USA has emerged as an eminent leader in providing innovative Telehealth products, such as medical cellular alarms incorporated with GPS, the 911 help-now product, the alert medical lockbox, mobile e-transponder unit, creative medical alarms and the Smart-Go device.

Lifewatch USA makes use of new age technologies, such as Cellular Phone Technology, Two-Way Voice Technology, and VOIP Technology. The Smart-Go device is a brilliant creation of the Company which operates on the Cellular Phone Technology and is lightweight, water resistant, is user-friendly and is equipped with fall detection and user-friendly features. This device is of great help to the senior citizens as it helps them to connect with the emergency help station.

The e-responder and the Smart-Go are equipped with the Two-Way Voice Technology. The customer service team can locate these devices and send medical help immediately where it is required. The Company also makes use of the ace VOIP Technology that helps in communication over the Internet. It is a reasonable Technology where the users pay services related to the landline.

An array of factors has contributed to the success of the Company. It is a client-centric Company and customer delight is its main aim. Lifewatch USA has an effective team of emergency technicians and certified specialists who have the expertise, knowledge and the experience to manage emergency cases deftly. It even has a fantastic monitoring station that operates around the clock to provide medical help to anyone in need.

The Company was founded in 1980 by Evan Sirlin’s father. The present president of Lifewatch USA, Evan Sirlin looks into the marketing aspect of the Company. In his career, Sirlin has worked in the various DRTV based projects. He is responsible for the growth and the expansion of Lifewatch USA. Sirlin has the technical competence and experience in marketing, advertising, and public relations. He is known to be an accomplished healthcare expert and offers a broad range of safety devices for senior citizens. Lifewatch USA offers an array of devices that include lone worker, campus, active shooter protection and various other safety devices.

Evan Sirlin is keen on introducing more cutting-edge Telemedicine and Telehealth products to the senior citizens in the USA. The company has been running for more than 30 years. After taking the responsibility of the business from his father Sirlin contributed appreciably to the marketing and the sales division of Lifewatch USA. With his profound knowledge in advertising, networking, and marketing, Sirlin is interested in expanding Lifewatch further.

The products Lifewatch USA offers help the senior citizens in an emergency. Futuristic alarms of the Company have saved many lives in the United States of America. The Medilock, which is an emergency medical lockbox is a great contribution to the company, Lifewatch USA. The Medilok is equipped with an alarm and proves to be a state-of-the-art safety device for the senior citizens. He has contributed to the development of the emergency communicator pendants. Sirlin takes immense effort as well as time for advertising his brand through the radio and the television channels. His sincerity, dedication, passion and hard work have perked up the sales of Lifewatch USA considerably.


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