In the current scenario, it is tough for the elderly person to have their near and dear ones all the time aside. They really want to have their children and family during emergency. A medical emergency does not come with any alarm, which is the biggest fear among elderly person staying alone or staying with their busy scheduled children. To overcome this problem, Evan SIrlin, the CEO of Life Watch USA, has developed an automated system for needy individuals. He started the medical alert system that is working in every part of the world with its best customer service. Evan SIrlin is serving old people all over the USA by building trust among its users for its high-quality services and devices.


The medical alert system seems to help those old people, who want to live independently and are suffering from many chronic and underlying diseases. Evan SIrlin was the first to create medical cellular alarm GPS enabled system. Not only this, he has further generated first alert locked medical box that proved to be the best for senior citizens.

His contribution in the form of 911 help now aimed to work for the safety and protection of the senior citizens of USA. The medical alert gave all the old people a big assurance by allowing them to call in any emergency condition irrespective of even the odd hours. In overall he was successful to give security to the old parents, who wanted to live independently.

It is found that Evan SIrlin for his excellent marketing skill dragged the eyes of many healthcare providers. He surprised again by offering his new technically strong services like DRTV-based projects and expansion of Medilok and Lifewatch.

He is working with a strong dream by using Telehealth and Telemedicine services that will produce the new level of innovatory products for the disabled and the senior citizens. Not only this, he has sounded out production of many personal safety products for the citizen of all ages.

Evan SIrlin is working with three types of medical alarm systems whereas among them in-house alarm system is the most demanded. It only requires the traditional landline to function efficiently. The in-house alarm system is available with mobile e-responder button system to be easily accessible by the senior citizens. This is a portable device that can be carried easily from one place to another. The only requirement is need of proper network connectivity to carry out the process.

The users of the alarm system of this company only demand in having a landline or mobile phone. The devices offered by the company are considered as the best because they are handy, portable and user-friendly rendering them very easy for the senior citizens to handle.

Evan SIrlin ensures his customer services are friendly, competent, caring and efficient to actively reach their customers at any time to resolve all possible problem. The salient feature of the GPS enabled alarm system helps the elderly people in accessing the nearest medical care services easily whenever they are suffering from any accidental fall or emergency need.

Evan SIrlin is becoming a role model for every citizen of the USA for its effortless working and services provided through the medical alert system. This system is helping all citizens to stay independently.


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