LIFE WATCH USA – Personalized Medical Care and Support


Are you wondering about buying a medical alarm system? If you are living alone with some medical issues then the answer is yes. Employing a full-time caretaker just to make sure your loved ones are safe from falls and seizures may be costly for some. Invest in a good medical alarm system in such cases. A medical alarm system intimates the company and calls for 911 in case of falls and the injured person cannot reach the phone to call for help. Just a press of a button on the medical alarm system sends medical help on your way.

Medical Help in need

Keeping this in mind Evan Sirlin is serving elderly people in the USA by running LIFE WATCH USA which was started by his father about 3decades ago. These Life Watch medical alarm systems are designed to cater the needs of elderly to call for help in the event of a stroke or any other medical help. With life watch medical alarm systems you need not worry about leaving your elders alone at home while you are away at work. Evan Sirlin has actually integrated GPS to the existing medical alert systems taking the technology to another level.

Life watch USA products

Life watch has come up with three different kinds of medical alert systems. An in-home system is useful for those who are homebound and an e-responder unit and a smart Go unit for those who venture out. The traditional in-home system needs a landline whereas the others contain GPS tracker and can be connected with a cellular phone. These systems are obtained at affordable prices which can cost 1$ per day. The medical alert systems are easy to use and can be carried anywhere with you. Life Watch USA has been in market dealing with medical alert systems and marketing for almost 2 decades.


The medical alarm systems are compatible with landline and cellular phones. They are compact and easy to carry. The devices can be worn around neck, wrist or carried in a pocket. Since most falls happen in bath areas for elderly, the devices are made water-proof. The in-home systems cover a range of 1500 ft around the house in case of accidents in the lawn. GPS tracking is enabled to locate the patient and a two-way voice call is activated. A person assists you and will stay in line till help arrives.

The medical alert systems are highly useful for epilepsy and cardiac arrest patients as it comes with fall detection feature. Without the need to press the call button for help, fall detection mechanism sends an alert to the customer care after the fall. Life Watch USA is dedicated to serving the community of elderly and old people. Evan Sirlin has contributed a lot and dedicated his life in alarm systems. He assisted in making of other alarms like 911 Help Now and Medilock box. Stay safe and stress free with medical alarm systems.



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