Evan Sirlin: A Name to Reckon with in the Telehealth Industry


LifeWatch USA has emerged as the leading provider of ‘medical alert’ systems in the USA. The Company was founded in 1980 and since then it has become popular among the citizens of the USA. The present President of the Company is Evan Sirlin, who has contributed immensely to its success. He has the technical skill, knowledge, and talent to handle the different divisions like marketing, sales, and advertising. With his effort and talent, he has been able to introduce into the market a wide range of ‘Telehealth devices.’

The Company has offered devices incorporated with leading-edge technology. The GPS incorporated medical mobile alert of the Company is a huge contribution to USA’s senior citizens. The device detects the smoke and the carbon dioxide and the alarm go off for alerting the users. Another noteworthy device of the Company is the ‘medical alert lockbox.’ With the help of this device, technicians can get inside the houses of those needing medical help without breaking windows and doors. LifeWatch USA has an efficient emergency station that operates 24/7 for offering medical help to the senior citizens of the USA. The Company offers a proficient team of certified emergency technicians and specialists who are available around the clock to provide assistance to anyone seeking emergency help.

Under the leadership of Evan Sirlin, LifeWatch USA has expanded and attained new heights of success. The Company has offered the people of the USA innovative devices incorporated with progressive technologies, such as ‘Cellular Phone Technology,’ ‘Two-Way Voice Technology,’ “VOIP Technology’ etc. For example, the ‘Smart Go’ device is a light weighing, water-resistant and user-friendly device that is incorporated with fall detection and geofencing features. This device enables the users to get in touch with the emergency station promptly for getting medical help.

Another forefront technology the Company has made use of in its devices is the ‘Two-Way Voice Technology.’ With the help of this modern technology, the users of the devices can get immediate medical help by getting in touch with the emergency station of the Company. The ‘Smart Go’ and the E-Responder Mobile devices of the LifeWatch USA have this technology. The e-responder is a state-of-the-art device that is portable and the users can carry it easily in their pockets or purse or wear as a necklace or belt. The device provides driving information and medical information to the users.

The Company is also known to have made use of the cutting-edge ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology’ in many of its devices. With the help of this eminent technology, the users can interact over the Internet. All these Telehealth devices of LifeWatch USA are effective and reasonably priced.

LifeWatch USA dominates the healthcare market with its top-notch quality devices that are especially useful for those senior citizens who live all alone. Customer satisfaction is the sole motive of the Company. Through hard work, talent, knowledge and creative mind Evan Sirlin has helped in the expansion of his Company appreciably and continues to give his effort to make his Company visible on a global platform.


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