Evan Sirlin – Protecting and Securing Lives

It is not uncommon nowadays to have elderly people staying on their own with their children stuck up with their busy life schedules. Naturally, there is no one to help these elderly people during any urgent or critical medical situation. To bring help to such needy people, Evan Sirlin developed a useful medical system alert that can help senior people during any emergency. His company Life Watch USA deals with the creation of different medical alarm system to help people in their needs.

The Alarm Systems Formulated by Evan Sirlin

Evan Sirlin launched two different types of alarm facilities for the seniors to use. They were mainly manufactured to cater to the needs of two different categories of people. The first category individuals included those elderly persons who cannot move actively. This alarm device could be used with the help of a landline phone connection. Evan Sirlin created the second type of alarm for more active elderly individuals and this alarm device comes with the GPS-enabled alert system to track the person and provide help in emergencies.

Evan Sirlin made the alarm systems keeping in mind the handling ability of the senior people. These medical alarm systems are extremely easy to handle, portable, compact in size, and are user-friendly. They are even easy to wear around neck or wrist. The alarm systems are also waterproof and as a result, they need not be detached from the body even while bathing. All these advanced features of the alarm systems created by Evan Sirlin come within an absolutely affordable price range.

Evan Sirlin’s LifeWatch USA provides Two-Way Voice Technology service so that the people in need can contact the customer care center from anywhere and anytime. This technique enables a person to make free calls from any corner of the world. For this, the user must pay for the landline service.

The alarm systems created by Evan Sirlin provides other benefits like a helpful consultation about prescription medicines when in doubt, etc. Evan Sirlin’s alarm services have protected countless lives. They act as a life saver when senior people do not have anyone nearby to depend on.


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