Evan Sirlin- Providing the Ultimate Medical Alert Solution


In today’s fast lifestyle, it is difficult for old people to have their dear and near ones beside them all the time. Children grow up and have their own family and responsibilities and they may not be always present during an emergency. A medical emergency does not come with notification and to provide help in such situations, Evan Sirlin has come up with an automated alarm system for aged and needy individuals.
Evan Sirlin is the CEO and founder of Life Watch USA. He developed this unique and extremely helpful alarm system for the old and needy people across the world and this system has grown to be very popular and has been widely accepted around the globe. Reflecting quality, assurance, and unmatched customer service, the alarm system Life Watch USA developed by Evan Sirlin has become a symbol of trust for old people.

The Thought behind Life Watch USA

The alarm system Life Watch USA was the idea of Evan Sirlin who understood the suffering and needs of old people staying independently and people with underlying or chronic diseases. With plenty of alarm systems available in the market, the alarm system created by Evan Sirlin is different in a way that it is an alarm system with GPS system enabled. Evan Sirlin also developed the first alert locked medical box, which is a great success with the senior people.

The contribution of Evan Sirlin has worked positively towards the protection and safety of the aged and diseased people of the USA. This medical alert facility has become a significant assurance helping them in times of any emergency condition, regardless of the time and hours of the day.

Evan Sirlin and His Projects

Equipped with exceptional marketing skills, Evan Sirlin was found to catch the attention of several healthcare providers. He collaborated with some healthcare partners and came up surprising them with devices like Medilok and DRTV-based projects. Currently, Evan Sirlin is working on creating unique inventory products in alliance with Telemedicine and Telehealth services specially made for senior and disabled individuals. He also has plans to come up with special personal safety devices intended for people of all age groups.

Uniqueness of Life Watch USA

To use Life Watch USA, one needs to have a mobile phone or a landline phone connection. The popularity of medical alarm systems created by Evan Sirlin is unique because of their portability, handy nature, and user-friendly facilities, which are necessary qualities for senior people to handle.

The customer service provided by Evan Sirlin is friendly, efficient, competent and caring. The customer services cater to all customer needs and issues and resolve them with an effective solution. The unique GPS alarm option enables elderly people to get access to any medical assistance and services in case they are outside their residence.
Evan Sirlin is truly a perfect role model for the USA citizens known for his relentless work and services providing a sustainable solution for the society. We are excitingly looking forward to his upcoming projects.


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