Evan Sirlin – Life Watch USA Medical Alert System Provider

Are you scared of leaving your elder parents alone in the house and go to a different city for the job? Do you fear that are prone to falls or accidents at home? The elder people in the family are now choosing to stay in their home instead of joining an old-age home for the comfort of familiar surroundings. Hiring the full-time help is more costly and all the people cannot afford such luxury. Medical alarm systems come handy in such situations. There are a lot of medical alarm systems in the market, out of which Life watch USA stands unique.

Evan Sirlin’s contributions

Evan Sirlin is the owner of this franchise and he is running this second generation family business. The company was established in 1980’s by his father and involved in sales and telemarketing of various devices. Evan Sirlin is also a dedicated philanthropist who wants to contribute his knowledge in serving the greater good.

He developed GPS model and integrated this feature in medical alarm systems making them very effective to use. He also contributed his efforts in developing Help 911. His love for technology made him invent Medilock, a medical box with a key which helps the first responders of the medical alarm system to enter the victim’s house.

Medical alarm systems

Basically, medical alarm systems are used to call for medical help in the case of emergencies. If you are having a stroke or have experienced a fall and not able to get up are few causes for which medical alarms have to be used. It is directed and marketed with elder people in mind. Life Watch USA has come with unique design in the shape of a pendant and it can be worn on the wrist or around the neck, making them portable. As elders are prone to fall on wet floors in showers, the medical pendants are made water proof and light-weight.

The other interesting feature of the medical alarm systems is they have 2-way voice call making the customer care engage in a conversation with the victim. It also helps the authorized personnel to give advice and support while sending medical help. The GPS feature allows the elder people to roam out at their convenience and medical help can identify the location of the victim using the device’s GPS.

Life Watch USA

The Life Watch USA has designed 3 models which require either a traditional landline or a cell phone to sync with the medical device. The medical alarm systems are only as useful as the customer support they receive. The medical support systems are modified to detect falls and also detects smoke in case of fire. Patients with epilepsy and cardiac arrest make sure of this fall detection system as the alarm systems detect the fall and send for medical help without the press of the button. Evan Sirlin has dedicated most of his adult life for the sale of medical alarm systems.


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