The Phenomenal Contributions of Life Watch USA

LifeWatch USA is known for its innovative Telehealth products. It offers a wide range of medical devices based on the activities of its users, such as the in-home systems, GPS-enabled devices etc. The Company has gained phenomenal success due to its unrivaled quality Telehealth products that are specially developed for the senior USA citizens living alone in the USA.

Being a customer-centric company, it goes to any extent to delight its customers. Evan Sirlin is the reigning president of LifeWatch USA. With his knowledge, business acumen and capability of adeptly handling various divisions of the Company like advertising, sales, and marketing, he has taken the Company to new heights of success. With his technical finesse, Sirlin has introduced an array of health products that are lauded all over the USA.

In addition to the cutting-edge medical devices, LifeWatch USA markets a wide range of Telehealth products, which are in high demand across the USA. This is a family-run American based business that was started by Company’s present President, Evan’s father. The Company has served customers for the past three decades since it was set up in 1980. With time it has gained the trust of the USA customers with its commendable customer service and unmatched quality products.

The CEO of LifeWatch USA, Evan Sirlin focuses on the superior quality of products and incredible customer service. He makes sure that the emergency medical technicians of the Company have EMT certification. He ensures the USA people seeking medical help from the company LifeWatch USA gets it around the clock and promptly. The roaring success of the Company is attributed to proficient customer support service team and adept medical technicians.

What are the Commendable Contributions of Life Watch USA?

Cellular Technology: The Company makes use of this vanguard technology in its ‘Smart-Go’ device. Apart from this futuristic technology, it is equipped with an array of leading-edge features such as geofencing, GPS, and fall detection. This Smart-Go device helps the emergency medical help seekers to promptly connect with the Company’s ‘emergency monitoring’ station.

Two-Way Voice Technology: This new age technology is incorporated in the ‘e-responder’ mobile device of the company. When the customer support team detects the caller, it dispatches its team of medical specialists for providing prompt medical care to the patients needing it. This device is light in weight and can be worn with a belt or necklace. It even offers medical information and driving directions to the users.
Voice over Internet Protocol Technology: This leading-edge technology is incorporated in the Company’s ‘in-home system.’ With this popular device, you can avail medical help 24/7 with a click of e button. All you need is a traditional phone jack.

LifeWatch USA has created a niche in the market for its unprecedented quality products and efficient customer support service. The people of the USA have enormously benefitted from its cutting-edge healthcare products. The president of LifeWatch USA, Evan Sirlin desires to take his Company to the pinnacle of success with the launch of more innovative and handy products in the years to come.


Evan Sirlin | Lifewatch Inc. | Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission, and State of Florida, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Legal Affairs, Plaintiffs, v. Lifewatch Inc., a New York corporation, also doing business as Lifewatch USA and Medical Alarm Systems, and Evan Sirlin.

Evan SIrlin is a big name in telehealth industry. He came into his family business and brought a revolution in the industry. Evan SIrlin’s father started Life Watch USA around 30 years ago. Evan SIrlin took the business to a new level.

Care within reach is the motto of Evan SIrlin. He is keen to help the old people living alone. They need to depend on people in case of emergencies and medical help. Life Watch USA assures them with all their help and care.

With his love for technology, Evan has participated in building alert systems like Help 911 and Medlock. The alarm systems made by his company are available in different parts of USA. Not only home alarm systems for elderly people, SIrlin contributed in assuring the safety of children in school.

Currently, Like Watch USA is dealing with three types of the home alarm system.

• An in-home responder system that detects the fall or stroke of a person with 1500 meters outside the home. This system uses a traditional landline.

• An e-responder unit that uses a mobile phone thus having the flexibility to detect a fall anywhere outside the house. Use of GPS helps track the person.

• A smart GO pendant that can be worn around one’s wrist or neck.

Once a fall or stroke or epilepsy. is detected, the responder automatically sends a signal to the care center of Life Watch USA where all the users are monitors 24/7. Once the care center is informed, a trained person reaches the person in need, asks for his problem, gives him instructions on how to react and stays on the phone with him to give emotional support until the medical help reaches the victim. In the meanwhile, they informed the victim’s family.

After the medical help reaches the victim’s place, Medlock comes real handy. Medlock is an emergency box that gives access to the house. In case the victim is unconscious, the responders can enter the house and take necessary steps.

Evan SIrlin plays a key role in the expansion of Life Watch USA. He is planning to expand the business overseas. He is a PR specialist and telemarketer as well. Not only home alarm systems for old and sick people, he has a major contribution in the development of protection systems like lone worker protection system and active shooter protection.

With the help of cutting-age technologies, Evan has been able to win the trust of people. He is appreciated for his great work by people of USA. Integrating GPS with the alarm systems make sure that the users are tracked everywhere they go. Not only GPS, VoIP has been used by Life Watch. Using VoIP enables people to communicate through the internet, free of cost.

Evan never strives to do more. He wishes to introduce more telehealth products to benefit the old citizens of USA. He has already improved the sales using radio and television.

Evan SIrlin is the person behind the unique home alert systems that not only track the users but responds immediately and takes necessary steps in no time. Thus, Evan SIrlin saves a lot of lives through his business in the USA.

Evan Sirlin Takes Life Watch USA to New Heights of Success

The Company ‘Life LifeWatch USA’ has carved out a niche for itself in the ‘telehealth industry.’ It is a family-operated and owned second generation business that was set up in 1980. The present President of the Company is Evan Sirlin. His father founded this company 3 decades ago. It provides a wide array of new age medical alarms for the senior citizens and residents in the USA.

The Company delivers unsurpassed quality telehealth products all across the USA and has been especially helpful for those senior citizens who live alone. Life Watch USA is a customer-focused Company and customer delight is its main motto. Evan Sirlin, being the President of Life Watch USA has contributed immensely to its roaring success. He has the business acumen, knowledge, ability for deftly dealing with the different divisions of Life Watch USA like marketing, advertising and sales. With his technical prowess, Evan has introduced a multitude of health products that are highly appreciated by the people of the USA.

The Company over the years has introduced leading-edge health-related products with futuristic technology. For example, ‘The GPS-enabled medical alarm system’ is certainly a remarkable contribution of Life Watch USA. This alarm can detect the poisonous, harmful gases like smoke and carbon-dioxide and warn the users to seek medical help promptly from certified professionals. Another well-known contribution of Life Watch USA is the ‘alert lockbox’ that help the Company’s technicians to enter the medical emergency seeking person’s home without breaking open doors and windows.

It is the first company for providing top-notch quality speaker pendants to the USA people. Sirlin makes sure that his hired ‘medical technicians’ have adequate expertise and are EMT-certified for handling the emergency situations effectively. Life Watch USA is known to be the first Company that provides medical emergency help around the clock by means of its monitoring station and certified technicians. It uses vanguard technologies like Cellular Phone Technology, GPS Technology, and ‘Two-Way’ Voice Technology.

The ‘Cellular Phone Technology’ is lauded by the people of the USA as through this cutting –edge technology, the senior USA citizens can get medical help by clicking a button even during the odd hours and from anywhere at all. With this ‘emergency button’ they can get in touch with the Company’s ‘emergency medical help station.’ On receiving the information from the person seeking medical help, the specialists at the monitoring station send a medical team to the caller’s house promptly and transmit his/her information to his/her family.

The ‘VOIP Technology’ is another huge contribution of Life Watch USA. With the help of this modern technology, people across the USA can communicate easily with the ‘Emergency Station’ for help over the Internet. This is cost-effective as well as convenient for the users as they have to only pay for the ‘landline phone’ bills.

In addition to these new age telehealth products, the Company offers ‘Personal Protection Records’ by means of which the people of the USA can access the vast amount of health related credible information. After acquiring the information, patients can handle the diseases and improve their health. The ‘medical alarms’ offered by the Company is provided with battery backup. It can be used up to a range of 1500 ft.


Evan Sirlin: A Big Name in the Telehealth Industry

Life Watch USA is a name to reckon with in the Telehealth industry. The Company is a second generation family-owned business that has been functioning for over three decades. Evan Sirlin’s father founded the Company in 1980. It offers futuristic medical alarms to the citizens all over the USA.

Life watch USA delivers unprecedented quality products for USA’s senior citizens who are living alone. It is a client-centric Company that gives utmost importance to the customer satisfaction. The current president of the Company Evan Sirlin has done a lot for the success of the Company. He has the knowledge, ability, talent for adeptly handling the various divisions of the Company, such as advertising, marketing, and sales. With his skill, he has introduced a host of Telehealth products that has been lauded by the citizens of the USA.

LifeWatch USA has brought into the market many health related devices designed with cutting-edge technology. For instance, the ‘medical alert GPS-enabled system’ is a noteworthy contribution of the Company for the USA’s citizens. This medical alarm detects smoke and carbon dioxide and alerts the users for seeking medical help from the trained professionals. The ‘alert lockbox’ is another commendable contribution of the Company that enables the technicians to get into the homes of the people asking for medical help without breaking windows and doors.

LifeWatch USA is the first company to manufacture high-grade speaker pendants. The President Evan Sirlin ensures that their team of ‘emergency medical technicians’ are EMT certified and have the technical expertise in handling emergency situations deftly. In fact, Life Watch USA is first Company for providing medical help 24/7 through certified professionals and monitoring station. The Company also makes use of new age technologies such as GPS Technology, Cellular Phone Technology, and Two-Way Voice Technology.

The GPS medical alarm introduced by the company uses the ‘Cellular Phone Technology’ with the GPS for delivering emergency help for the senior citizens. The benefit of this technology is that the senior citizens can avail emergency help with just a click of the button from anywhere and at any time. With the help of the emergency button, the citizens can contact the ‘emergency station’ and the specialists transmit the caller’s information to her family.

The Company even makes use of the leading-edge ‘VOIP Technology’ for helping people communicate with the help of the Internet. This is convenient, easy-to-operate and free of cost. With the help of this technology, the users only have to pay for ‘landline phone services.’

Apart from providing these futuristic Telehealth products, LifeWatch USA provides ‘Personal Health Records’ for the benefit of the customers, who can gain access to a wide variety of health related genuine information. With this information, the patients can deal with the diseases and improve health. The medical alarm system provided by Life Watch USA is equipped with battery backup and covers a comprehensive range of about 1500 ft.

In addition to the top-grade healthcare products, the President Sirlin ensures the customers throughout the USA get caring friendly and prompt patient care services. He even makes sure all the professionals have the adequate training and certification for offering the emergency help when required.


This Is How A Medical Alarm System Safeguard The Elderly Members Of A Family

Medical instruments have come a long way in past few years. Innovative and more attractive equipment tools are coming up these days. Especially when it comes to the senior health industry, new inventions to assist the elderly members of the family have risen in demand.

The main focus of these equipment tools is to make sure that old age population can lead their lives comfortably in such a challenging stage of life. They should not be dependent on anyone’s help in odd hours of the day and can call for medical assistance easily during emergencies.

About Life Watch USA

Though there have been many different products available to ease such a concern, the medical alert systems created by Life Watch USA is worth giving a look at. With the help of these alarms, the seniors can call for medical help in just seconds by clicking a button present on the medical alert system.

This amazing company is being run by Evan Sirlin, current director of Life Watch USA. The company is primarily involved in the sale of medical alert systems. Life Watch USA was established almost three decades ago. Evan Sirlin is the second generation of the company. Undoubtedly, the business was started by Evan’s father. Ever since then, Sirlin family has been contributing their professional activities towards the health and safety of senior people.

During this tenure, Evan Sirlin worked upon constructing Medilok and Help 911. Medilok is a medical emergency box that consists of a key to enter the patient’s home. Presently, Evan is indulged in the manufacturing and advertising of medical alarms. He is also planning to expand this amazing business in the overseas market. He is sure that the safety concern among seniors is a prevalent topic across the world and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

About Life Watch USA Products

Life Watch USA deals in three different variants of medical alarm systems right now. Here is a description of these alarm systems:

* An in-home responder system that needs a traditional land phone to operate. This impressive device can detect the presence of a happening even 1500 meters away from home. This can be when falls or strokes occur in the garden or lawn area.

* An e-responder unit that does not have any restrictions to function. As this device makes use of a mobile phone, the seniors can carry it outdoors even. A GPS feature is installed in this device to help locate the patients outside their premises.

* Lastly, Life Watch USA’s Smart GO pendant is all that a patient would need while being away from the family. It is a light-weight and portable device. The patient can wear it around the wrist and neck and seek medical help immediately.

These medical alert systems are waterproof and also come with fall detection system for patients having epilepsy and stroke. There is no need to press a button in case of falls while using these medical alarm systems. The device would detect the fall and send a signal to the care centre automatically.

Evan Sirlin: A Name to Reckon within the Telehealth Industry

Evan Sirlin, the present President of the LifeWatch USA made the innovative cellular medical alarm equipped with the GPS system. Evan Sirlin’s father founded LifeWatch USA in 1980. Sirlin is known to make the handy ‘alert lock-box’ and the ‘911 help-now’ product for the protection and the safety of the senior citizens of the USA. This safety device reassures all the senior citizens living in the USA alone. With just a click of the button, they can get medical help all around the clock.

LifeWatch USA has received rave reviews from the clients all over the USA for all the futuristic healthcare products it has made available to the masses across the USA. Evan Sirlin has contributed tremendously to the success of the company. He has the technical prowess in advertising and marketing and this has helped him to take the company to soaring heights of success.

He has even contributed to the DRTV-based projects and Medilok expansion. In the near future, he hopes to introduce more innovative telemedicine and Telehealth care products for the benefit of the senior and disabled citizens of the USA. With his marketing and brand management skill, he has been able to boost the sales of his company through the radio and television media.

He has offered three kinds of ‘medical alert systems’ to the USA citizens. The ‘in-house alarm system’ is the most fruitful among them and is available with the mobile e-responder system. It is a lightweight and portable device that needs a good network connection to function. SmartGo is the state-of-the-art device launched by the Company, which is equipped with the futuristic features like ‘geo-fencing.’

The Company has designed a multitude of alarm systems for the clients across the USA. The Telehealth devices are easy-to-use, incorporated with cutting-edge features, and are handy and helpful for the senior citizens. Sirlin apart from providing leading-edge devices to the clients makes sure that the medical emergency team and customer support services are efficient to offer help promptly when required. All the hired personnel of LifeWatch USA have the adequate certification and training to provide medical help 24/7.