Evan Sirlin – The Man behind LifeWatch USA


As the president of well-known medical alarm system provider LifeWatch USA, Evan Sirlin has garnered quite a reputation for himself. LifeWatch USA has been of significant help to elderly people, especially during times of critical need and emergency. Life Watch’s alarm systems have saved countless lives, and come in handy when senior citizens don’t have anybody nearby to rely on.

LifeWatch USA dates back to 1980, when Evan Sirlin’s father established the company. It is incredible to believe that even after three-and-a-half decades in business, the company is still going strong with its medical alarm systems, and much of it is due to the immense contribution of the company’s current president, Evan Sirlin. After taking over the company from his father, he has been in the thick of things at LifeWatch USA, where he has exceptionally handled the marketing and sales aspects of the company. LifeWatch USA has served millions of senior citizens all over the country, and can be expected to do the same for the foreseeable future.

Evan Sirlin’s entire career has revolved around the improvement of healthcare services, and as a result, he has indirectly, and directly, catered to countless senior citizens and people in distress with innovative healthcare solutions. He was the brains behind Medilok, which is an emergency medical lockbox that is also equipped with a medical alarm system. At present, he supports the development and improvement of 911 Help services and emergency communicator pendants. He has spent a lot of time and effort to advertise his efforts through radio and television and manage his brand, which has led to greatly increased sales for LifeWatch USA.


LifeWatch USA does not just market a single kind of medical alarm system. The company oversees the manufacture of several different kinds of alarm and alert systems that end-users can pick from, depending on their circumstances and preferences. One basic requirement for using LifeWatch USA’s alarm system is a mobile phone or a landline telephone. The alert systems are incredibly easy to use, alongside being handy and portable, which make them doubly easy to use for senior citizens, who tend to be more prone to accidents than regular people.

It is especially difficult for elderly people without their loved ones beside them to take care of themselves. However, Evan Sirlin and his brilliant creations have allowed them to live with confidence once more; the confidence that they can take good care of themselves. Evan Sirlin deserves all the credit he gets, for it was him who conceived the idea of alert systems with GPS tracking capability, and realized it. This one salient feature enables the elderly people to access the nearest medical care services, even if they suffer from an accidental fall or any other mishap.

Evan Sirlin has ensured that Life Watch’s customer care staff remains sincere, friendly and caring. He takes it upon himself to guarantee that all personnel hired by LifeWatch USA have the necessary training and qualifications.

Today, LifeWatch USA’s services extend all across the USA, and all the company’s customers are treated with utmost respect.

Life Watch USA – You Are Never Alone


The present market is storming up with medical alert systems from different companies. Life Watch USA is an American company which is involved in the marketing of medical alert systems since 1980. Evan Sirlin is the CEO of the company which is a family business started by his father. The medical alert systems work all around the nation with excellent customer services as a medical alert system is only as good as its care services offered. Life Watch USA has served several thousands of old people all over the USA by building trust among its users for its high-quality services and devices.

Experience the best

Life Watch offers different kinds of devices for its users based on the activity levels. For those who are inactive and lightly active, they propose the use of in-home systems which needs a line phone. The signals extend up to 1500 ft range outside the house. For the active users, Life Watch offers 2 kinds of devices. They have inbuilt GPS to track the location of users in case of emergencies. All the devices are given a charging dock and battery lasts up to 5 days.

Highlights of the medical alarm units

The devices are affordable and easy to use. Since the marketing is targeted at old people and patients, all units are compact in size, easy to carry around and even worn around wrist or neck. The best feature of these medical alert systems is that they are waterproof. The user need not remove the unit during the bath.


In a case of fall or heart strokes, seizures, burglary, and fire alarms just press the help button by which you are instantly connected to a customer care desk where an actual person sends for medical help and stays in touch with you till the help reaches your home. So with a Life Watch medical alarm system, you are never really alone if you opt to stay single at your house without an assisted helper.

Expert staff

With trained medical professional and sound tech support, all the users of Life Watch USA are cared for and supported in times of emergency. The 2-way voice over calls are really helpful and keep the user panic free and intimates the registered kin while sending for medical help. Users can sleep at peace with the company’s 24/7 support acting similar to a personalized caretaker. The medical alert units are very affordable that they cost as low as 1$ per day. The services are only available for the residents of USA.

In case you move to a different city within the USA, update your general information and location to continue the services of the alert systems. Evan Sirlin of Life Watch USA has dedicated his professional life to Medical alarm systems and has invented a medical alarm box which can be used with these alarm units. These medical alarm systems ensure the safety of your loved ones by sending medical help at the right time.

Evan Sirlin: The Pioneer of the Medical Alert System

President of Lifewatch USA, Evan Sirlin created the first medical cellular alarm GPS enabled system. Lifewatch USA came into existence in the year 1980 by the father of Evan Sirlin. He has also created the first alert lock medical box and the ‘911 help now’ product for the safety and protection of the senior citizens of USA. This medical alert system reassures the old people living alone that they can call for emergency help even during the odd hours with a click.

Even after doing business for more than three decades, the Company is doing roaring business and has garnered a lot of success by the introduction of the medical alarm system. Much of the success of the company can be attributed to Evan Sirlin. He has contributed immensely for the security of the senior citizens all over USA.

Evan Sirlin has the technical expertise in marketing and advertising and all along his career has been involved in protection and healthcare services. His other ventures include DRTV-based projects and expansion of Medilok and Lifewatch. He is keen to take Telehealth and Telemedicine to a whole new level and introduce innovatory products for the disabled and the senior citizens. He has introduced into the market personal safety products for the citizens of all ages. He has the expertise in advertising and brand management and perks up sales through the media like television and radio.

He provides three types of medical alarm systems and the in-house alarm system is the most popular one and needs the traditional landline to function. It is available with mobile e-responder button system for the convenience of the senior citizens. It is a portable device which you can carry easily from one place to another. All you need is good network connectivity. The latest cutting-edge device launched by this company is SmartGo device, which is available with additional features such as geo-fencing as well as is GPS enabled.

Lifewatch USA manufactures a host of alert and medical alarm systems for the end-users. The users of the alarm system of this company require a landline or mobile phone. The devices are handy, portable and user-friendly making them very easy for the senior citizens to handle. He makes sure that the customer care support services of Lifewatch USA are friendly, competent, caring and efficient. The personnel working at Lifewatch USA have the required training and certification to provide emergency help whenever required.

Evan Sirlin: The Pioneer of Medical Alarm Systems

LifeWatch USA was founded in the year 1980 by the present president, Evan Sirlin’s father. This company has offered some of the top-notch quality medical alarm systems. The immense success of this company is due to the dedication, expertise and hard work of Evan Sirlin.

All along his career, the main goal of Evan Sirlin has been to offer help to the senior citizens during an emergency. In future, he wishes to introduce more Telehealth products and take telemedicine to a completely new level. He has used his years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to launch products like Medilok, e-transponder or SmartGo devices to the market.


LifeWatch USA is the first company to launch the GPS-enabled medical alarm system. The products of this company, such as the e-transponder or SmartGo make use of the “Two-Way Voice Technology.” With the help of this technology, users can contact the emergency help center. It is the first company to make use of the Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology. With the help of this VOPI Technology, the users can make any number of free calls from anywhere. You only need to pay for the landline services. VOPI Technology proves to be cost-effective and beneficial.

Sirlin is actively involved in business networking, marketing and sales of his business. He takes tremendous efforts to market his products through the television and radio channels. He is actively involved in the National Care Planning Council. He exhibits his technical prowess in marketing and consulting for healthcare products. He volunteers for school programs and student centers and enlightens them of programs related to campus protection.

He is keen to expand his company and take it to the international level. He has the deftness in team-building, strategic planning, advertising, direct marketing, and networking. He has made a huge effort to collaborate with the COPsync Beacon in order to promote the COPsync 911 alert system. He has also contributed to the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), which is a personal security program designed for the safety of teachers and students during school shootings.

With the earnest effort and interest of Sirlin, many of the healthcare devices of LifeWatch USA are available with 911 help services. He also supports the development and improvement of communicator emergency pendants. He wishes to offer cutting-edge healthcare products in the near future.

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Experience Personal Care at Its Best with LifeWatch USA

LifeWatch USA has established itself as one of the leading names in the healthcare industry in the USA for its home care services and its GPS tracking enabled alarm and alert systems. Through its products and services, the company has assisted hundreds and thousands of people across America, with many of them being elderly citizens. Founded by the father of Evan Sirlin, the current president of the company, LifeWatch USA has been one of the most instantly recognizable names in the healthcare sector for the last three decades.

LifeWatch USA’s personal care services are lauded all over the USA, and here are some situations where personal care becomes necessary:


* You need help in preparing meals.

* You have difficulty in keeping your house clean and need personal care services for daily chores such as dusting, laundry and other household duties.

* You need personal attention to help to bathe, dress, etc.

* You need assistance to have certain medications.

* Personal care providers make for excellent company, and sometimes, maybe that is all that people need.

Once you have determined that you absolutely need the assistance of a personal care provider, you need to decide on the frequency. You might need personal care once every week, or you might need it round-the clock.

Once you ascertain that you definitely need personal care services, you need to acquaint yourself with the policies and regulations associated with personal care in your region of residence. The next step involves contacting a personal care provider to ascertain whether it is up to the task and can provide you the services you are looking for.

LifeWatch USA is one of the most trusted names in the personal care sector, and here’s why:

* LifeWatch USA’s staff has all the required qualifications to provide quality personal care services, and all the necessary medical training such as CPR.

* With over three decades of experience in the field of personal care, LifeWatch USA has the knowhow to tackle different kinds of problematic situations.

* LifeWatch USA’s staff too, have been offering their personal care services for a long time, and are known for their caring and friendly approach.

* The company’s services can be customized according to the needs and wants of the customer, and there are numerous special services on offer too, which make things doubly easy for customers.

* LifeWatch USA is one of the most popular and most reviewed companies in the personal care sector, which makes it easy for prospective customers to check the company’s reviews online.

* The company has all the necessary insurance papers, which is mandatory for any medical care provider.

What makes LifeWatch USA more special than any other personal care provider in the USA is its president Evan Sirlin, who has made some valuable contributions to the healthcare sector throughout his distinguished career.

Among his most cherished innovations is the alarm system with GPS tracking capability, which allows senior citizens living alone the chance to live confident lives without depending on people around them for medical help. The alarm system notifies the nearest medical care center during medical emergencies, and help is sent accordingly.

Evan Sirlin – Lifewatch Medical ALARMS

President of Lifewatch Medical Alert System, Lifewatch Medical ALARMS, Lifewatch USA, Lifewatch Inc. Medical alarm company and senior home safety in business since 1980. Creator of the first cellular medical alarm with GPS for protection away from home. Creator of the first medical alert lock box. http://www.medilok.com. Developed the 911helpnow product.


Other ventures include marketing and advertising consulting, DRTV performance based projects, International expansion of Lifewatch and Medilok. Google advertising specialist. PR experience. Senior Healthcare industry expert.Personal Safety for all ages. Also identity theft protection and recovery for seniors. Lone Worker safety and protection. Campus Security protection. Active shooter protection for teachers and students.

*Interested in getting more involved with Telemedicine and Telehealth future products for seniors and disabled persons.

*Always looking for School programs to help with the Lifewatch and Copsync Beacon.

*Always open to helping and networking in advertising, marketing and healthcare industries. Open to international expansion opportunity.

*Lead developers, affiliates, marketers and performance based advertisers are welcome to contact me anytime. Pay per call and per sale direct to consumer.

Specialties: Senior home care and healthcare industry expert. Identity theft. Teledoc. Google advertising,TV,Print, and radio advertising expert. Product development and distribution specialist.

Evan Sirlin – Types of medical alert system

Evan Sirlin offers three kinds of medical alert units based on your requirements. Out of which the most popular one is the in-house system which is connected by means of a traditional landline phone.


it has a range of 1500 feet outside the house too in case of outdoor fall. The e-responder mobile button system is more used by active patients who work alone and go out frequently. With a means of cellular connection, it is good to carry wherever you go. The latest technologically advanced system we launched is the SmartGo device. It comes with extra features of GPS and online application of geofencing.

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