Medical Alert Alarm a Boon for Older Persons

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Today’s generation is staying so busy that they don’t even have time for their elderly parents. The old parents significantly need help during critical time. To get rid of this problem Evan SIrlin from USA formed a company that used to supply medical alert alarm for helping those needy elderly citizens. After using this signal without depending on others or rushing to the nearby hospitals, they can eliminate emergency health issues. Evan SIrlin is the man behind the invention of Medilok, equipped with a medical alarm system used as the emergency medical lockbox. LifeWatch USA working under his supervision is producing different types of medical alarm that any user can prefer to use as their requirement and preferences. In addition, using this alarm system is very easy irrespective of any age. The only demand is to have a landline.

Types of Alarm System Used-

Depending upon the activity level of a person Evan SIrlin proposed two types of alarm system for use. The first category included individuals who are inactive to move they need to have a landline system to use this alarm. This phenomenon was called as the in-home system in which the range of signal extension is 1500 meter.

The second category included persons who are active offering them with GPS-enabled the alarm. This GPS tracks the location of a person in emergencies. All these alarms need to be charged promptly as the capacity with a single charge of a battery is 5 hours.


As the alarm was mainly intended to use by the older person, so its size was compact and easy to use. The user can wear on the wrist or around the neck. It comes under affordable price too. The primary advantage of using the alert alarm made by Evan SIrlin is its waterproof nature. Hence, it means no need to open it even while bathing.

If a person is very old, they do not need to think deeply how to use it, as it is very easy. Let say if someone had a sudden heart attack, or a brain stroke or breathing problem, then they just need to press the help button in it. By pressing it instantly, they will be connected to customer care desk.  Getting the alert alarm a person will be sent for help to the tracked location. The best part the customer care desk will be in touch with the person until he gets the help.

LifeWatch USA working for Evan SIrlin is providing Two-Way Voice Technology service by using it the user can connect to emergency center anytime from anywhere. Voice over Internet Protocol Technology is the best feature provided by this company worldwide. By using this technique, a person can make any number of free calls as he want from any part of the world, the only condition is he need to pay the landline services only.

Another benefit provided by this alert alarm made by Evan SIrlin that it helps also assist in taking medications if anyone has some doubt over some prescription.


Evan Sirlin – Lifewatch Medical ALARMS

President of Lifewatch Medical Alert System, Lifewatch Medical ALARMS, Lifewatch USA, Lifewatch Inc. Medical alarm company and senior home safety in business since 1980. Creator of the first cellular medical alarm with GPS for protection away from home. Creator of the first medical alert lock box. Developed the 911helpnow product.


Other ventures include marketing and advertising consulting, DRTV performance based projects, International expansion of Lifewatch and Medilok. Google advertising specialist. PR experience. Senior Healthcare industry expert.Personal Safety for all ages. Also identity theft protection and recovery for seniors. Lone Worker safety and protection. Campus Security protection. Active shooter protection for teachers and students.

*Interested in getting more involved with Telemedicine and Telehealth future products for seniors and disabled persons.

*Always looking for School programs to help with the Lifewatch and Copsync Beacon.

*Always open to helping and networking in advertising, marketing and healthcare industries. Open to international expansion opportunity.

*Lead developers, affiliates, marketers and performance based advertisers are welcome to contact me anytime. Pay per call and per sale direct to consumer.

Specialties: Senior home care and healthcare industry expert. Identity theft. Teledoc. Google advertising,TV,Print, and radio advertising expert. Product development and distribution specialist.

Evan Sirlin – Types of medical alert system

Evan Sirlin offers three kinds of medical alert units based on your requirements. Out of which the most popular one is the in-house system which is connected by means of a traditional landline phone.


it has a range of 1500 feet outside the house too in case of outdoor fall. The e-responder mobile button system is more used by active patients who work alone and go out frequently. With a means of cellular connection, it is good to carry wherever you go. The latest technologically advanced system we launched is the SmartGo device. It comes with extra features of GPS and online application of geofencing.

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Life Watch USA – We Care

Life Watch USA was founded by Evan Sirlin and the company is dedicated to saving lives of people with their medical alert systems. We offer help throughout the USA with a push of a button. We offer personal medical help in times of need.


How medical alert systems help you

You can live in the comfort of your home without worrying about paid help or join a senior home without shedding a load of money for it. Safety is guaranteed whether you stay at home or venture outside the house with new models which have real-time GPS tracking options. Fall detection devices are also available which send alert to care center in event of disability of the patient.

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Evan Sirlin – The Man behind LifeWatch USA

As the president of well-known medical alarm system provider LifeWatch USA, Evan Sirlin has garnered quite a reputation for himself. LifeWatch USA has been of significant help to elderly people, especially during times of critical need and emergency. Life Watch’s alarm systems have saved countless lives, and come in handy when senior citizens don’t have anybody nearby to rely on.


LifeWatch USA dates back to 1980, when Evan Sirlin’s father established the company. It is incredible to believe that even after three-and-a-half decades in business, the company is still going strong with its medical alarm systems, and much of it is due to the immense contribution of the company’s current president, Evan Sirlin. After taking over the company from his father, he has been in the thick of things at LifeWatch USA, where he has exceptionally handled the marketing and sales aspects of the company. LifeWatch USA has served millions of senior citizens all over the country, and can be expected to do the same for the foreseeable future.

Evan Sirlin’s entire career has revolved around the improvement of healthcare services, and as a result, he has indirectly, and directly, catered to countless senior citizens and people in distress with innovative healthcare solutions. He was the brains behind Medilok, which is an emergency medical lockbox that is also equipped with a medical alarm system. At present, he supports the development and improvement of 911 Help services and emergency communicator pendants. He has spent a lot of time and effort to advertise his efforts through radio and television and manage his brand, which has led to greatly increased sales for LifeWatch USA.


LifeWatch USA does not just market a single kind of medical alarm system. The company oversees the manufacture of several different kinds of alarm and alert systems that end-users can pick from, depending on their circumstances and preferences. One basic requirement for using LifeWatch USA’s alarm system is a mobile phone or a landline telephone. The alert systems are incredibly easy to use, alongside being handy and portable, which make them doubly easy to use for senior citizens, who tend to be more prone to accidents than regular people.

It is especially difficult for elderly people without their loved ones beside them to take care of themselves. However, Evan Sirlin and his brilliant creations have allowed them to live with confidence once more; the confidence that they can take good care of themselves. Evan Sirlin deserves all the credit he gets, for it was him who conceived the idea of alert systems with GPS tracking capability, and realized it. This one salient feature enables the elderly people to access the nearest medical care services, even if they suffer from an accidental fall or any other mishap.

Evan Sirlin has ensured that Life Watch’s customer care staff remains sincere, friendly and caring. He takes it upon himself to guarantee that all personnel hired by LifeWatch USA have the necessary training and qualifications.

Today, LifeWatch USA’s services extend all across the USA, and all the company’s customers are treated with utmost respect.

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Evan Sirlin – Background in marketing

A background in marketing and sales has helped Evan Sirlin to rise above in his field. He works relentlessly in developing new devices or applications for the safety of seniors and lone person protection. He is an expert in consulting and marketing for senior health care industry. He is an active part of national care planning council.


Highly skilled in direct marketing, advertising, networking, strategic planning, and team building, Evan Sirlin is passionate about playing Jazz. Actively volunteers in student centers and school programs to ensure safety and tell them about campus protection programs.

Evan Sirlin is dedicated to taking his company and programs to an international level and is waiting for new opportunities.

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LIFEWATCH USA has made effort to collaborate with COPsync Beacon for promoting COPsync 911 alert systems. LIFEWATCH is a major contributor in PERS, a Personal Emergency Response System. In the wake of school shootings, a personal safety system is launched to give security.


An emergency alert is sent by pressing the button of this handheld device. This device is highly recommended for general public and police officers alike to get in contact for availing protection services. Evan Sirlin is a pro in TV and Radio advertising and branding.